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Here are some top tips for packing your items for removal.

Top Tips For Packing Your Items For Removal

To ensure a smooth moving experience and to keep your items safe, it is essential that your removal packing is done properly. Here at Removal Companies Shoreditch, we are professional removal specialists and have compiled the following tips to help you pack like a pro and make sure that your belongings arrive safely at their destination:

1. Begin Early - To avoid feeling rushed, start collecting boxes and packing materials early. Make sure you have enough bubble wrap, wrapping paper, packaging tape as well as markers or labels for boxes so that you can easily identify what’s inside them.

2. Pack Room By Room - Moving from one room to the next will make packing easier, as it allows you to focus on one room at a time.

3. Label As You Go - Labelling or numbering each box clearly as you pack will save plenty of confusion later when it comes to unpacking. Color coding as an additional system can also be useful for instance, use blue for bathroom items, pink for kitchen items etc.

4. Separate Your Must Keeps - Have a separate box filled with all the important items such as passports, documents and jewellery which need to remain with you during the journey.

5. Pack Heavier Items Together - Be sure not to exceed any weight limitations in your moving vehicle by distributing heavier items throughout several boxes rather than in just one box on its own.

6. Make Use Of Plastic Containers - Plastic containers are great for keeping things clean and tidy as well as providing protection against dust and other environmental hazards during your move.

7. Wrap Small & Fragile Objects - Whenever possible glassware and other delicate objects should be wrapped using clothing or tissue paper to protect them from scratches and breakages during the move.

8. Take Photos - Taking photos of your furniture before dismantling (where necessary) can help with putting it back together correctly at the other end of your move.
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Deasia M.

Exceptional service - from arranging the van via phone to managing the delivery schedules and receiving our items, the whole operation was effortless and free of stress. We couldn't recommend it more.

Johnna McKinnon

It's hard to imagine how they could be better. The office staff were quick to respond, the quote process was easy, and the movers were exceptional.

R. McCloskey

Thanks to the amazing work of the removal crew, we had a successful and smooth moving experience. They were punctual, efficient, and took great care in handling all of our belongings.

Jena Lusk

We had our office removals during the weekday, and I feared it would affect our business. We talked to a moving company, and they guided us that day. I am not kidding when I say there was zero impact on our day-to-day activities.

Devyn Upchurch

It was a very smooth and enjoyable experience working with House Removal Service Shoreditch during our house removals. The team handled everything very well and it was a really well organised move.

Maurice Davis

Thanks for a job well done. If anybody is looking for an extremely professional removals firm, you have found them. Nothing was too hard for them and all the goods arrived safely.